Pu Sam Cap Cave – The Awake Sleeping Beauty in Lai Chau

Pu Sam Cap, one of the most astonishing limestone caves in Vietnam, has been discovered recently in the Northwest of Vietnam.


Ba Phach Village The Peaceful Rustic Paint of A Mountainous Region

Ba Phach village, nested in a vast valley, retains the untouched wild nature. In winter, this place is lighted by the pure white color of mustard flowers


Coc Pai The Highest Ethnic Market in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Coc Pai The Highest Ethnic Market is located in the uppermost reach of the northwest of Ha Giang Province and always possesses extremely stunned sights that tourists cannot pass by.


Ban Ba Waterfall - Spectacular Picturesque Destination In Tuyen Quang

Ban Ba waterfall is a picturesque waterfall located on the Phieng Khang mountainside in Trung Ha Commune, Tuyen Quang.


Festivals of Ethnic Minorities in Mai Chau

The festival is started with many exciting activities. The first day is mostly for the ritual, singing, dancing and playing gong. The second day is shooting and cross-bow contest. For shooting contest, one person will throw a grap ...


Meo Vac Market in Ha Giang

If you are lucky, you can visit Meo Vac market which is opened on every Sunday. The market is set in the valley which is surrounded by thousands of mountains and is also a place where you can find cultural quintessence of all moun ...