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Are there any rules?

Yes, we do have some rules, mostly for safety reasons:

Unless directly told otherwise, stay behind the leader. This is NOT negotiable. In certain sections of the rally we travel in areas where there are hundreds of walking trails and ox-cart tracks and as there are no signs or people, and obviously no petrol or water available (dry season), we don’t have the time or resources to go tracking down riders who decide to lead the pack then lose their way.
Always ride with your headlight on when you’re not in a town. While it’s illegal to have your headlights on during the daytime, having your headlights on is a great way to be seen by other vehicles and we’ll be able to keep track of riders in the distance.
Use the horn – a lot. And I do mean a lot, when riding through towns.
If, after 15 minutes, you don’t see any other fellow riders, stop and wait. For this reason, it’s important to bring a cheap watch to keep track of time. And make sure you and your bike are in an obvious place where you can be seen (not off the road, or in a shop, or under a tree) and stay with your bike and listen out for us. We will come and find you.
Let the rally leader know when your drinking water is running low (preferably before we leave a major town or village).
Are there internet access to all the places we travel to?

In the fast developing information technology, there are internet access in most of the places in Vietnam. There might be no internet access when staying at home-stay. But this happens only for a few trips and just for 1 night. Internet access won't be away from internet access longer than 48 hours.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, but it must be insured, plated, have a spark arrestor, and be in good working order

Can I store my suitcase somewhere whilst I am on the tour?

Of course- we are happy to look after the baggage of any clients who require, free of charge. If you are ending your tour in a different city to your starting point, we can also arrange for your luggage to be sent on to meet you.


Can we choose which bike we ride?

Yes, you can choose among Yamaha serow 250cc, Honda XR 250cc, Honda XR baja 250cc, Suzuki Djebel 250cc, Kawasaki super sherpa 250cc, honda XL 125cc, vespa sprint 150cc, vespa acma 150cc, vespa super 150cc. One of them is suitable with your skill and stature



Can you arrange accommodation for us in Hanoi?

We can make reservations for you at two hotels in the heart of Hanoi and also organise a car to pick you up from the airport. The central location makes it easy to get around the city and the hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms in the US$30-80 per night price range (2 and 3-star standard). They also provide safe storage for baggage during the motorcycle tours.


Do I need A Local Drivers License or Permit?

Formally, no licence is fully valid in Vietnam, even an international driving licence, as it needs to be officially translated (at Vietnamese Embassies or in Vietnam). The question of having or not a motorbiking driving licence mainly concerns your insurance. On the other hand, if you are working in Vietnam under contract for at least 6 months you could easily get a local driving licence.
Traffic police generally don't stop Westerners in Vietnam to check licences simply because they don't speak good English or feel confident to deal with it. In addition, in the same time they can deal with many other Vietnamese people. Mui Ne in Southern Vietnam have been the only exception where they started checking licences.


Do I need to exchange currency and how much do I need ?

It will almost always be useful to have some local currency available. How much you should carry depends on where you are going and how long you expect to be there.

Do I need to know the Local Road Rules?

Though international standards, regulations and road signs tend to be very similar, they are not necessarily the same. It is the responsibility of the individual rider to comply with local road rules, speed limits and to ride on the correct side of the road. Our Motorcycle tour operators can greatly assist visiting riders and help them to avoid unwanted problems. 

Do you have any training session to make new riders familiar with traffic and terrain in North of Vietnam

Yes, we do.

To make sure you’re comfortable on your bike and ready for your tour, we suggest you start with a training session. On our training course, you can practice dealing with some of the obstacles that are frequently encountered on an adventure in rural Vietnam, and you can familiarize yourself with the bike you’ll be using on your journey.
Our training ground is 4 kilometers from the town Hoan Kiem lake, about a 20-minute drive away. Dirt, ditches, bumps, and mud await you
Join us for motorcycle training or just spend a day or weekend on the circuit for fun. We offer:
  • Half-day practice sessions – 50$
  • Full-day practice sessions – 70$
  • Full day practice – 70$
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information
Do You Need Travel Insurance ?

The short answer is YES!
You should cover yourself against a range of possible mishaps including: Theft, loss or damage to your personal property; assorted injuries resulting from accidents (not just road accidents); illness resulting from exposure to diseases with strange names that you can't even pronounce.

It might be worth mentioning here, that to get inoculated against some diseases may require several visits to your doctor. In other words, depending on your destination, you can't always leave getting your shots to the last minute. Always thoroughly research the region you are planning to travel through, to avoid later unnecessary and potentially unpleasant surprises. 
How far are the daily distances?

On motorbike tours the distance is usually 150 - 250 km per day but depends on the terrain and how many interesting things there are to see and do along the way. On good black topped roads the riding distance might be much greater.

I hear the traffic is crazy in Vietnam. Is it safe?

Traffic in Hanoi is chaotic to the uninitiated driver. For this reason we always use the easiest roads (even if they are longer) to get out of town. We can also arrange for riders to be dropped off at the city limits by taxi. Once out in the countryside, the level of traffic drops off remarkably and on some roads it is possible to not pass a single vehicle for the whole day. That said, it must be emphasized that the conditions here are demanding and extremely defensive driving is imperative. All riders must be very careful and be fully aware that the purpose of the trip is not to ride performance bikes hard into the bends, but rather to trundle along nice and slow and enjoy the sites and sounds.

I'm travelling alone, is it possible to join any existing groups?
Yes, we try to link individuals together as long as they are of similar driving experience. The more advance warning the better.
What currency should I bring?

The primary currency is Vietnam Dong. Traveller cheques and credit cards can be cashed in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and most currencies can also be easily exchanged.

What does the quotation include and exclude in a package motorcycle tours?


It varies for different motorcycle tours depended on kind of ride and customer's desire. The general information hereunder is only provided for your reference:


a) An experienced motorcycle tourguide with his dirt-bike (English speaking only, he can help you work on bikes as a mechanic, for large group, we provide private mechanic);
b) Dirt-bike Honda XR250cc or/and Kawasaki Super Sherpa (for short rider and woman only) with third party insurance;
c) All gasoiline/ fuel and spare parts;
d) Meals (Vietnamese food, Western food costs extra) and drinking water;
e) All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, bamboo rafts;
f) Vietnam Map and itinerary document;
g) Vietnam Dirtbike Travel provides support on all our motorcycle tours and rentals. We are with you along the way;


a) Chased pick-up truck (Mishubishi Triton) for luggage transport, back up bike and services;
It cost more US$150/day if you need a chased pick-up truck which will follow you all trip and carry all of your luggage, wet gears, spare parts, etc and when you feel uninspired, you can leave your bike on its back and get in cabin.
b) Honda CRF250L brand new;
The price above is for riders using Honda XR 250cc. Please tell us if you want to upgrade the Honda XR250 to Honda CRF 250L, you only pay more from US$10 to US$15/day/bike (depend on low or high season).
c) Personal expenses, personal medical insurance;
d) Drinks other than tea and local rice/corn wine;
e) Motorbike protection pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, rain gear and other safety equipments;
f) Train or bus or flight tickets before and after your tour;
g) Breakfast on the departure day and dinner on the return day;

What happen if it rain?

We run rain or shine, rain jacket and pants provided. Some of our customers’ most memorable rides happened in the rain.  We have full combo of jacket and pants and boots cover for rent
However, some special tours in mountainous area is dangerous in bad weather, it may occur collapsing soil phenomena - A geologic extremely hazard. So it will be limited or changed itinerary occasionally for safety purpose.

What if I can't ride a dirtbike?

If you have limited biking experience but would like to learn, we offer a number of training packages from Dirtbike Friends to help you gain confidence on dirt roads. These can then be combined with one of our more laidback out of town tours so that you can get more hours under your belt and see some more of the country.

What is the best way to carry my stuff?

A small to medium-sized day pack is really best for the trip, with a waterproof cover to protect it from dust and mud. If you're not using a support vehicle your bag will carried with you all the time, so try to keep things as compact and light as you can. You won't need to bring too many clothes with you-a set of clothes for riding and a few changes for evenings or around town is plenty. Laundry is cheap and quick so you can get your things cleaned along the way (if you're going to be based around one town for a couple of days). Save a little space for a hammock & mosquito net if you'll be camping out (we'll provide those). A 3 litre Camelback or similar is perfect for staying hydrated on the road and carrying personal items, and most of our riders use these. We are happy to look after any other luggage for you in Hanoi free of charge while you are on the road.

What shall I bring on the trip?
Legal Stuff: Please satisfy all legal requirements to become a motorcyclist.
- Motorcycle Driver's License
- Insurance
- Helmet: Always wearing a full-face helmet and never go anywhere without one. It's also great for keeping the bugs out of your teeth and the rain out of your eyes. This important gear is included in our tours.
- Motorcycle Jacket and pants: Get a good quality jacket and pants with vents front and back that will allow air to circulate in the summer. These gears are not included in our tours but always available for rent.
- Gloves: Don't ride without gloves. Select a lightweight pair for summer and a heavy pair for cold weather riding. These gears are not included in our tours but always available for rent.
- Boots: Please wearing own trekking boots for any Vietnam Motorcycle Tours because they will protect you when you are riding as well as trekking. We don’t have any boots for rent.
- Rain jacket and pants (combo): They will keep you dry when it rains. If you do any serious riding, you will encounter rain. These gears are not included in our tours but always available for rent.
- Balaclava: This is a silk-thin head cover that keeps you warm during winter rides as well as protects you against sunlight. These gears are not included in our tours but always available for sell.
- And other light personal clothing is necessary for your trip.
When are your tours?

We are constantly scheduling both private and join in customised motorbike trips based on the dates and destinations you require. These tours make up the bulk of our bookings. We operate motorcycle tours all year round and cater to riders of all abilities; please contact us if you need any advice and we'll be happy to help you select a trip that suits your ability and requirements.

Where and what will we be eating?
Unless requested, we usually do include meals in our prices.
Your tour guider will be on hand at all times to help arranging meals and making orders. We usually eat at small Vietnamese restaurants which have reasonable prices and whose menu we've tested. There are many excellent Vietnamese dishes that only the locals know about, and freshly caught fish in most areas. Provincial capitals visited by tourists usually have a number of restaurants selling Western food as well.
Where will I be staying?

Wherever possible we provide comfortable ensuite hotels with air conditioning and hot water to allow you to rest well after each day of travel. Out in remote areas where hotels are unavailable we use clean and friendly local village homes and guesthouses (such as the home stay to your right). Alternatively, if you'd like to camp out under the stars or have any other special requests just let us know. Wherever needed, mosquito nets will be provided.

Luxurious accommodation will be provided with added fee in famous destination.