Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh City is bordered by Binh Duong Province to the North, Tay Ninh Province to the Northwest, Dong Nai Province to the East and North East, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province to the South, West and Southwest to Long An Province and Tien Giang Province. Located in the southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is 1,730 kilometers fro, Hanoi, 50 kilometers east from the east coast of the city. With its central location in Southeast Asia, Ho Chi Minh City is an important transport hub for land, water and air, connecting the provinces in the region and is also an international gateway.


Like the other southern provinces, Ho Chi Minh City does not have four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are two distinct seasons of the year: rainy - dry seasons. The rainy season is from May to November (hot and humid climate, high temperature and heavy rain), dry season from December to April of next year (dry climate, high temperature and low rainfall). On average, Ho Chi Minh City has 160 to 270 hours of sunshine a month, the average temperature is 27 ° C, the highest is up to 40 ° C, the lowest is 13.8 ° C. The average rainfall of the city reached 1,949 mm / year.

You can travel to Saigon any time in a year but the dry season is probably more appropriate. Besides, when you travel this beautiful city at special times, you will also be discovering the different beauty, the only features belong to Saigon.

On the occasion of the traditional New Year, you will see the poetic city filled with flowers everywhere in the traditional markets. Spring flowers festivals are organized in all districts or in Binh Dong wharf crowded with boats canoe taking many kinds of flowers. Saigon also has a famous road with full of flowers.

At Christmas, Saigon will have beautifully decorated caves, and in the center of the city every night, there are bright and sparkling lights in the center.

The city's tourist attractions are relatively diverse. With a system of 11 museums, mainly on the subject of history, Ho Chi Minh City is the number one in museum in Vietnam. The largest and oldest museum in the city is the Museum of Vietnamese History with 30 thousand artifacts. While most visitors to the War Remnants Museum are foreigners, the museum which attracts the most domestic visitors is the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Ho Chi Minh City is also a city of diverse religions. There are over a thousand temples and pagodas built in the city over many periods. The churches appear mainly in the 19th century in the Roman style, Gothic. The largest and most famous church in the city is Notre Dame Cathedral, located in District 1, built in 1880. The colonial period left many important architectural buildings, such as the headquarters of the People's Committee, the Opera House, the Central Post Office, Nha Rong Palace ... The Independence Palace and the General Sciences Library were built under the Republic of Vietnam. Modern architecture is marked in the city by buildings, hotels, commercial centers such as Diamond Plaza, Saigon Trade Center. Out of the center, tourists can visit Cu Chi Tunnels, Can Gio Mangrove Forest. Thu Duc Stork garden is also an important tourist destination. Ho Chi Minh City is also a shopping and entertainment center. Besides the music tea rooms, bars, discotheques, theaters, the city has many amusement parks such as Dam Sen Park, Suoi Tien, Thao Cam Vien. The shopping areas are Ben Thanh Market, Diamond Plaza.

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