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How to Prepare for Motorbike Trip in Vietnam

Whoever you are, a person who rarely travels or a professional traveler, an expert or just a novice rider, we hope that the information we provide in this article and on our website will be useful and help you have the better prep ...


Some Traffic Rules and Riding Tips Which Foreign Rider Should Know

Every year, over 25,000 traffic accidents occur in Vietnam, causing nearly 10,000 deaths and 20,000 injuries. That means there are 37 deaths and 70 injuries per day. This number makes us think of statistics of casualties in a war. ...

The Best Time To Do Motorbike Tours in Vietnam

Best time to do motorbike tours in Vietnam is is a top concern for anyone who is interested and prepared for a trip of life time in this country

Main Features of the Ethnic Minority Groups in the North of Vietnam

We recognize the need to provide basic information about the customs and practices of ethnic minority people who we stay or meet on the road for you to learn before coming. This will help rider to avoid cultural shocks which could ...


Enduro Riding Tips For Novice Riders

Running through the streams, underground rivers or along the streams will gives you a special feeling. However, it also contains risk because with the naked eye only, it is difficult to determine the depth of the rivers or streams ...