Khau Vai Love Market Festival In Ha Giang

Khau Vai Love Market, which is the most distinctive market in Khau Vai Commune, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang, is only held once a year on March 26th and 27th (Lunar year). This market is almost 100 years old and still maintained until today.

The market is annually held by many ethnic minorities coming from four mountainous districts in Dong Van Plateau as well as those in Cao Bang province. Thus, activities of the market are rich in cultural features of ethnic tribes.

It is nearly 200km to get to Meo Vac from Ha Giang, and it takes about 9 riding hours. Wepassed through 13 "gates" of 13 communes with numerous winding slippery trails looking down deep dark abysses. The distance is quite long, so we chose Vietnam Offroad Motorcycle Tours as our companion for a safe ride.


Legendary Story about a Sad Love

Once upon a time, there were a boy and a girl fell deeply in love with each other. Both of them were brilliant and beautiful, and they were born to each other. However, their love was forbidden by their families because they came from different tribes.

That prohibition couldn’t stop them from meeting each other, and consequently a serious conflict happened between the two tribes. Then, the couple had to fall apart in order to save their families as well as stop the battles.

However, they promised to meet each other once a year in Khau Vai. Since then, Khau Vai Love Market today is taken place annually on March 26th and 27th as a special place for the couple to get together.

A Vivid and Colorful Love Market

Khau Vai Love Market is quite a unique market because people coming here just to date each other, not selling farm products like usual markets. In fact, there are many people who used to love others but the happy endings not always come up, they will have another chance to meet and share their innermost feelings in Khau Vai market. Maybe, this humanity meaning is the reason why the market is a crowded bustling place though a century passed.

I just wondered these people’s spouses, how did they feel when their partner joining in this love market. Surprisingly, the answer I got from the guide of Vietnam Offroad Motorbike Tours totally stunned me. The spouses do not even get jealous or angry at all, as they understand and trust their husband or wife completely. The meeting at the market is just temporary in short time and can’t affect their marriage. Khau Vai market also where an ethnic youngster can look for a partner for the first time. That's how the locals here express their feelings, discreet yet very passionate.

No matter old you are, you can join with the locals here in drinking rice wine or eating delicious specialties such as grilled cassava or rice dumplings. Being immersed in beautiful folk songs and romantic scenery of the mountainous village will be the experiences that you will never forget.

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