Tour Dates

This is our scheduled tours based on dates and plan of booked riders. If one of tours in this page is what you are looking for, just click booking button then fill out the information form to make a reservation. If not, please check out list of Vietnam Motorbike Tours or get in touch with us for a customized tour then we will design a personal itinerary and quote based on your requirements. As soon we have your confirmation about the trip, it will be listed on this page to get more rider on request. 

The bigger group gets, the cheaper price is. However, to ensure the best possible tour quality for this kind of open/mixed group, it limits maximum number of participants to 6 for onroad/sightseeing ride and 5 for offroad/enduro ride.

May 2018


10 Day Off-road Ride in North of Vietnam

This private group of 7 riders come from Australia with level A of enduro racing so we do not need to take care them alot, just prepare good bikes and they will teach us how to grow up dudes


8 Days Offroad Riding from North Center to North East with Expert Rider

This scheduled motorbike tour is setted for a dirt bike specialist from Australia. He departs from Hanoi, rides into the harshest trails of the North Center area then engages in the North East to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. With only one tour g ...

November 2018


Seven Days Enduro Motorbike Ride in North West

Starting date: 2nd November 2018