Tu Le Valley: Amazing Golden Terraced Rice Paddies and Nude Bath

Where Is Tu Le?

From Van Chan Town, the center of Muong Lo valley, we ride along National Highway 32 leading to Mu Cang Chai before reaching Khau Pha Pass. Most of the valleys and rice fields lie along NH 32, from Nghia Lo to Mu Cang Chai.

Tu Le Village is entirely embraced by the valley, suddenly appearing with golden spacious rice paddies and sweet aroma of the rice. Itis not too far from Hanoi, so you can easily get there by car or motorbike. You can also join in the motorbike tours in Vietnam for more interesting experiences. It is the perfect destination for 2- or 2.5-day trips in any time of year.


Golden Terraced Rice Paddies 

It is hard to imagine that this place was a “kingdom of poppy tree” twenty years ago. Nowadays, Tu Le becomes a center of immense rice fields that attracts hundreds of Northern backpackers each month. The harvest seasonis probably the best time to visit here.

The landscape is distinctive and irresistible. In ploughing time, the valley is covered by glittering water and brown soil. In sowing time, the green carpet of young rice expands to the horizon, creating an impressive poetic scenery. The top of Hai Ba Chau slope is one of the most ideal places to enjoy a panoramic view of Tu Le Town. Next to endless rice paddies, Tu Le stream looks like a soft silk ribbon falling from the sky.

In the same plot, these areas are green while others are cultivated. This mademe feel extremely interesting, like four seasons in just one day!


Unique Custom: Nude Bath

There are more than one thousand ethnic minority households, mainly the Thai, inhabiting in Tu Le Valley.

Bathing in the headwater is one of the most special customs of Thai women. We can easily see women bathing in the stream in the village. Furthermore, we had the chance to discover abundant sources of hot mineral water.The Thai in Nghia Lo has used this free water source since hundreds of years ago.

Tu Le hot spring, located about one km from town’s center, is an underground flow next to the stream. It was enclosed by inhabitants to become a hot spring and a warm water bath tub. Every afternoon, after a long working day, the Thai girls flock to the stream for bath. They are all beautiful girls with fair skin, long black hair and oval faces. Some of them soak in the water while others wash clothes on giant stones on the bank.

Nude bathing is considered as a relaxing activity of Thai boys and girls after working time. It is believed that it is the reason why Thai girls have such flawless skin. The women and men must keep the distance if they are bathing in the same tub.The tourists could join the bath with the girls or even take a shot of them if they agreed. 

Tu Le Specialty

Tu Le is also famous for incomparable specialties: fragrant sticky rice – a special gift from heaven that only Tu Le receives. Due to that, cars from all over the country drive to Yen Bai, then Van Chan to arrive at Tu Le to buy sticky rice for cooking sticky rice dishes or glutinous rice cake in three days of Tet holiday.

In the spring, the Northwest mountains and forests seem like foresee the eager eyes of the visitors who are stunned by the beauty of rice paddies or young Thai girls with smooth skin and long black hair.

ADV Motorcycle Tours and Dirtbike Travel hopes that you won’t get lost in the charm of this land.

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