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Yes, we do have some rules, mostly for safety reasons:

Without tour leader's concent, always stay behind him during the ride.

Always ride with your headlight on when you’re not in a town. While it’s illegal to have your headlights on during the daytime, having your headlights on is a great way to be seen by other vehicles and we’ll be able to keep track of riders in the distance.

Use the horn – a lot. And I do mean a lot, when riding through towns.

In case you get lost, stop for us beside the road where your tour leader and fellow riders could be easy to find out or come back the nearest place where you see your tour leader. The tour leader will come back soon.

Let your tour leader know if you need more water before leaving a major town or village

Internet access is quite easy in Vietnam now. Wifi is free in almost hotels during the tours. However, there is no Wifi in the home-stay but you can connect with Internet if you buy the sim 3G from Hanoi or in some provinces of the tours.



The full package vietnam motorbike tour includes the bike. However, if you love your bike and want to use it when riding with us, it is no problem. But please be sure that the bikes still work well even when the weather is bad and the terrain is hard (deep mud, slippery track, river crossing…). Remember to bring your spare parts with for any problem may happen with your bike on the way.

If you do not rent the chased truck to carry your luggage during the trip, you can leave your luggage at the hotel if you come back this hotel after the tour. Or you can leave the luggage at the bike parking and take them back when the tour ends. However, please take all of the expensive things with such as phones, ipad, money…with you for the tour.

We have some types of bikes like Kawasaki KLX250S, Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250, Yamaha WR250R, Yamaha Serow (XT) 250…You can choose the bike to ride when contact us to book the tour. All are modified to adapt with the different terrain from easy to hard level. In case you have not got any experience on riding a dirtbike before and do not want to have training session, we will have a meet before the tour so you can try some other kinds of bike to choose the most suit you like scooter, Honda 150cc... But the small bikes are only good for on-road or sightseeing tour.

Yes, we can book the hotel for you in Hanoi or anywhere else in Vietnam, it will be cheaper than you book by yourself for we have hotel contracts with these hotels. You can choose to stay at 3 star, 4 star or 5 star hotel and the price will be from US$55/room/night.

Unfortunately that there are many home country riding licenses and even international motorcycle licenses are not accepted in Vietnam. If you want to ride legally in Vietnam, you have to convert your license to temporary Vietnamese riding license. It takes 7 to 10 days for the whole process. However, you should check with your travel insurance to know whether they need the license or not first, because to ride with us, driving/riding license is not required. Normally, the traffic police do not stop the foreigners because of the language barrier. In other cases, the guide will be on behalf of customers to deal with the problems. 

In case you need a Vietnamese license under the terms of the travel insurance company, you must come to Vietnam 10 days before the start date of the tour and give us the documents as: Your passport, your visa to Vietnam, your home license which is valid for motorbike from 175cc and go with us to the Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Center to take the photo for you license. After 10 days, you will get your own Vietnamese license.

Nearly everything (even drinking mineral water) is included in the tour price except your personal expense or drinking other kinds of drink like beer, wine…You need to exchange some USD for VND because in some big cities and provinces, local people accept USD, but in many remote places, they prefer VND. The sum of money to exchange depends on the fact that you love shopping or not and the tour length. 

The Road traffic rules and the local riding habit in Vietnam are very different from that in many other countries. The guide will make it clear on the day he meet you at the hotel. You should know and remember to ensure your safety and avoid getting fines from the police.

We provide training session of Half-day train of 50$ and Full-day train of 70$ for any needed riders. 

The answer is YES because our tours mainly are enduro tour, which is a really adventure tour focusing much on off-road riding. So you need travel insurance to deal with any risk you may have during the tour like accident, illness, damage…

Daily distance will be from 150 to 250 km. Long or short distance depends much on the rider level, interest, time, destinations, weather, and terrain.

The number of motorcycles in the big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city is very big. The road condition is not good and a part of participants disobey the Road traffic law make the traffic become crazy. However, traffic in the outskirt and remote places is much easier. So, it is still safe if you ride carefully.

If you travel alone and want to join a group for more fun and save the money, pls let us know to check with the existing group of the same desire, time and level with you to know whether they agree for you to join. By the way, take a look vietnam motorbike tours date 2023 here

You can bring both USD and VND. VND is more popular. USD is only accepted in the big city and tourist sites, not in the some remote destinations in our tour.

The normal full package tour is included and excluded as below:

– Bikes, spare parts and all fuel;
– English speaking guide with his bike: He can help you repair/Translator/Mechanic (He’s three in one!);
– Vietnam Visa Approval Letter;
– Accommodation: standard hotels or home-stay in the local house;
– Meal: As mentioned in itinerary;
– Third party motorbike insurance;
– All food (Vietnamese food, Western food costs extra);
– All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, bamboo rafts, etc;
– Vietnamese tea, mineral water.
– Vietnam Dirtbike Travel team provides support. We are with you along the way;

Not including:
– Airport transfer;
– Chased pick-up truck Mitsubishi Triton which will follow you all trip and carry all of your luggage, wet gears, spare parts, etc
– Personal expenses, personal medical insurance;
– Drinks other than tea and local rice wine;
– Motorbike protection pants, armor, jacket, boots;
– Train or flight tickets before and after your tour;
– Breakfast on the departure day and dinner on the return day;
– Accommodation and food in Hanoi;
– Tips.
However, depend on the special requests of our customers, the inclusion and exclusion may have a little bit change. Therefore, we always provide our customers the itinerary together with the specific inclusion and exclusion.

To all riders and to us, the organizer, rain is not a big problem because in many cases, rain makes the tour become more fun and challenge.


Only when the weather makes the tour become dangerous, causes really bad effect on the routes for example landslide, flood…the tour will be cancelled to ensure your safety. 

You can have a training session before the tour start to decide that you can control well and feel confident to do the tour with a dirt-bike or not.


If it is hard to do, you can travel with a scooter instead or travel as a pillion on a dirt-bike or scooter.

If your tour is not included of the chased truck to carry your luggage, you can tie your bag on the back of the bike. It should be a small size waterproof bag of under 30 liters to contain only necessary things. There are some hotels that you stay overnight provide laundry service, so it is no need to bring a lot of clothes.

Please travel light, just bring the following things:

·        Full protection gears

·        Passport

·        Suitable clothes

·        Camel bags

·        Waterproof bag

·        International driving licence (not compulsory)

·        Travel insurance

·        Money


·        Other really necessary things

We can organize tours anytime in a year. But doing tour in the dry season is better because of the good weather. In the summer time (also rainy season from May. to Sep.), it may occur flood and land-slice. However, everything has 2 sides,  summer tours can bring fun and more challenge to many experienced riders because the terrain becomes much harder.

Vietnamese food will be served during the tour. It is a great chance to taste many special dishes of the local living in each destination you visit. We will stop at the suitable small restaurants on the way to eat. 

On the days you overnight in home-stays, the host will cook to serve you to eat right at the home-stays.

For the Northern mountainous tours, you will stay at the standard hotels, maybe 3 star hotels if in Moc Chau, Sapa, Dong Van, Meo Vac or the house on stilts of the very friendly local people. For the Ho Chi Minh trail tour, you will stay mainly in 3 star hotels only.

Our tour prices are based on the group size, types of bike and type of rides

Off-road trip (and sightseeing combined) with Kawasaki KLX250S:

·        Group of 1: US$235/day/rider

·        Group of 2: US$185/day/rider

·        Group of 3-4: US$170/day/rider

·        Group of 5: US$155/day/rider

On-road trip (sightseeing only) with Honda Kawasaki KLX250S:

·        Group of 1: US$220/day/rider

·        Group of 2: US$170/day/rider

·        Group of 3-4: US$155/day/rider

·        Group from 5-6 : US$135/day/rider

Added cost for upgrading to Yamaha WR250R is US$20/day/bike

We offer many promotion programs in some special times and for Early-booking, so contact us directly for more information and better price.