Ha Giang On Trails

"Ha Giang is said to be a land of the natural majestic landscapes, the sharpness of long-standing living tradition of the hill tribe people that many tourists have not known. Located about 330km to the north of Hanoi, Ha Giang town sits in a valley surrounded by four mountains and the Lo River bending in its flow."
Dirtbike Friends Club

Dirtbike Friends Club

During: 3.5 days , from November 1st, 2012.
Style: Riding and sightseeing
Cost: Sharing equally among all participants
Overview: This trip, Dirtbike Friendsn Club will have a ride in 3.5 days covering some northern provinces. Specially, we have chance to ride all day on mountains, cross Nho que river by raft, sink in a sea of tam giac mach flowers plants field (local name of a speacial buckwheat). Ha giang is still a same place but this time our monthly ride  will be different so you can have another view of Ha giang.
This is the schedule of motorbike tour vietnam:
Day 1, Thursday 1/11/2012: Hanoi - Tuyen Quang. Like our rides before, we start after our working time. Sleep over night in Tuyen  Quang. 
Day 2, Friday: Tuyen Quang - Dong Van. Having BBQ at old market, drink until we get drunk.
Day 3, Saturday, Dong Van - Na Hang. Going through Khau Vai, passing the Nho Que river to Duc Hanh  and heading to Ma village. The Na Hang town is our destination in the day.
Day 4, Sunday, Na Hang - Tuyen Quang - Hanoi, mudfish of Lo river is aspeciality of Tuyen Quang before we heading home.

Other Event

Dirtbike Friends Club's Event: Offroad Party, 20-21 June, 2015

The enduro ride is held annually in rain season in honour of club's birth day. On this 4th occasion, all of us will take a short ride together to Mu Waterfall in Ngo Luong National Reserve, 150km from Hanoi

Dirtbike Friends Club

Combined an Ofroad Trip and Charity Activities

Combined an Ofroad Trip and Charity activity: On September 7, 2012, Dirtbike Friends accompany with Hanoi Car Offroad Club will organize a charity event in Giao village, Yen chau, Son La. This charity jouney range about 50 kilometers across the most ...

The Extreme Hard Trip with Dirtbike Friends CLB

The Extreme Hard Trip with Dirtbike Friends CLB Duration: 5 days and half, from 17:30 Tuesday April 29, 2014 to 17:00 Sunday May 4, 2014

Off-road Party with DBFs

On the occasion of birthday annivesary, Dirtbike Friends CLB will hold a vietnam off-road motorbike tour. The trip lasts over 800km with at least 250km of dirt, mud, rock road