Discover Culture of Ha Nhi People

Taking our Vietnam motorbike tour to visit some province in North of Vietnam such as Lai Chau, Dien Bien and Lao Cai, you will meet a very special ethnic minority. Not popular and crowded as the other minorities like H’mong, Dao, Tay, Thai…,Ha Nhi people live mainly in few mountainous provinces up North with total population of more than 22.000 people.

Ha Nhi people are very good at cultivation and they have a good skill at building beautiful terraced rice fields on mountain slopes and always have gardens near or around their houses. They are also good at breeding pigs and poultry, and live on handicraft such as cloth weaving, basketry. Most of Ha Nhi people can make clothes by themselves.

This ethnic minority celebrate their own traditional Tet festival on the first dragon day of December or December 11 this year. They live in hamlets, each hamlet has about 60 households. The Ha Nhi has a lot of family lineages. Each lineage includes different branches. On every occasion of Tet holiday, people of the same lineages will be together to listen to the elderly man telling them many stories about their ancestors. The middle name of Ha Nhi people will be taken based on the name of their father or of an animal of the year they were born.
Ha Nhi men and women are free in love and getting married. They have to organize 2 weddings. The first wedding is for them to be wife and husband. According to custom of the Ha Nhi in Lai Chau province, the bride after wedding will live in her husband house and have to change her surname to become her husband surname. The second wedding will be organized when the couple get rich and normally, have children already.
Beautiful clay mushroom-shaped houses of Ha Nhi people are very famous. Ha Nhi houses look very special and unique. They are still maintained soiled foundation architecture with thick walls that make the house cool in summer and warm in winter. The house has only one low door and no windows. 
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