Where you should travel by motorbike in the North of Vietnam in December

Year-end occasion is a time for you and your family to take vacation and relax, away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Moreover, the weather in December seemed to please all the traveling travelers. The North enters the cold winter, so if you love the coldness, please ride to visit the following destinations:

The most beautiful tourist destinations in December

Northern weather in December: The weather is cold, with early northeast monsoon. Depending on whether the winter comes late or early each year, but in early December the climate can be chilly or freezing with the light rain.

With the characteristics of cold weather, the Northern Vietnam tourism destinations in December are worth to explore. Besides, the resort locations near Hanoi also attract tourists at the end of the year.


"Hunting" snow in Sapa

Sapa is located quite high above the sea level, in winter here the temperature drops below under 0. Visit Sapa in winter, visitors will feel the cold as the West and have memorable experiences. At this time in Sapa, the fog is thick and the snow is as white as a silk strip stretching the rows of pine needles weaving between houses and mountain slopes. Especially, in December, visitors can also gather around the fire to enjoy delicious baked goods, such as grilled chestnuts, forest meat, Lam rice...and sip a glass of warm corn wine – so fantastic.

Traveling Moc Chau in beautiful broccoli flower season

Where should I travel in December? Moc Chau plateau is preferred by many tourists when traveling in winter. Traveling to Moc Chau at this time, you will admire the immense field of broccoli, pink of peach branches and green tea hills. In the early winter afternoon, when standing on the tea hill, you will feel the morning mist slowly flying, making Moc Chau extraordinarily peaceful.

December to see the vascular triangle flower season in Ha Giang

Traveling in the North is featured with the colorful vascular triangle flower season throughout the mountains in Ha Giang. The time from October to the end of December is the best time to ride motorbike tour Vietnam to Ha Giang, this is the time when the triangle flower blooms all the way to create a beautiful picture.

Ha Giang tourism in December not only has strong triangular flowers in the winter, but also enjoy the cold wind in the Dong Van mountain plateau, Meo Vac...and admire the snow. Besides, visitors also enjoy the delicacies of the Northwestern region such as bacon, sticky rice Gac.

Tam Đảo - "The second Da Lat of the North"

Tam Dao tourism is known as "the second Da Lat of the North", possessing a fresh landscape which is a famous resort in the North. In the winter of Tam Dao, the fogs covering the hills make the mountainous region more romantic. The bustling year-end atmosphere is very suitable for a short trip. Tam Dao, a place about 70km from Hanoi, is a wonderful place for you and your family to relax at the end of the year.

So you already know the beautiful and suitable places in the north to travel in December? Do not miss this wonderful time to explore the most beautiful landscapes of Vietnam. Sure, you will have many interesting stories and memories to tell your friends and beloved.