The Must-See Places in Ha Giang

Located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Ha Giang is an attractive destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, especially to photographers who are looking for original beauty. There are no skyscrapers like in the urban area, Ha Giang has the great beauty of simple houses on stilts and majestic natural scenery. 

From Hanoi, you have to cross the road of more than 300km to the town, then turn to provincial road 4c to go deep into the fantastic world of Ha Giang.

The best time to contemplate the perfect picture of Ha Giang is in November when rice is harvested, the rainy season is over, and Tam Giac Mach flowers bloom all over the fields, and in March when the spring come, plum and peach flowers bloom brilliantly.

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Vuong Palace

Legend has it that in 1913, there was an inferior of Vuong Chinh Duc "King of the Meo" named Cu Trong Lu, suggesting that the leader should change his residence. According to him, the place is at the foot of the mountain, next to the canyon so it is not suitable for the king and also for the next generations. So they went to China to find a feng shui master to Vietnam. The king led the feng shui master through all four districts in his management area, he finally decided to stop at Sa Phin (present-day Sa Phin Commune in Dong Van District of Ha Giang Province), with the terrain located in the middle of the Sa Phin valley. This place has a plot of land in the shape of a tortoise's shell, representing the Tortoise Genie. The feng shui master said that it was the best place to build the palace.  

This palace has the history of nearly 100 years, costing up to 150,000 French Indochina silver coins equivalent to VND150 billion at present. The palace had been built by skillful workers and tens of thousands of workers in 9 years from 1919 to 1928.

The palace has an area of nearly 3000 square meters with three different cultural architecture styles: China, Mongolia and France. The house has 4 horizontal houses, 6 vertical houses with 64 chambers.

From the top of the pass looking down to the Palace, the Palace is still prominent with a unique architecture in the solitary valley. This palace was recognized by Vietnamese State since 1993 as an architectural and arts relic. This will be an interesting discovery site for tourists.


Sung La hamlet

Sung La Valley

Situated in the midst of a rocky plateau, Sung La valley in Ha Giang makes the harsh and cold area become a surprising beautiful and warm painting.

On the national highway 4C connecting all the towns of Ha Giang, more than 20km from Dong Van district with the direction from Yen Minh to the town of Dong Van to the T-junction of Pho Bang is the highest and most beautiful point to contemplate the panorama of Sung La. This is the most beautiful highland commune of Dong Van karst plateau.

Sung La is located among the up and down rugged rock Mountains in the highlands of Dong Van limestone highland where tourists can see many unsteady houses with faded roofs because of time.

Looking down from the sky, you will see Sung La as a natural beautiful and peaceful picture. The local people call the valley the "oasis", and backpackers call "roses".

In the spring, this land is full of flowers blooming throughout the region to dissolve the cold and arid air of stone and the plateau.

The simple houses will be quite interesting for you where you can sit watching the children with colorful towels playing in the fields in the afternoon.

Dong Van Ancient Town

Just 160km far from Ha Giang city, at Dong Van town, at an altitude of 1000 - 1600m, there is an old quarter and market with old architecture that still preserves ancient beauty. Visitors come here will forget all the exhaustion and tiredness after a long journey to Dong Van.

The old town is located in the center of the tiny town of Dong Van, nestled among the surrounding rocky mountains it. Only 40 roofs nestled beneath the rocky mountains also make the old town become bustling and virtual. The Old Town painting is blended from the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the old houses. Coming to the ancient town of Dong Van, visitors step into a miniature model of the Hanoi Old Quarter. 

Formed in the early 20th century, initially, only a few families of Mong, Tay, Hoa came to settle here but gradually, more local people come to this land to live.

Popular architecture is the two-story Trinh Tuong House with yin and yang roof. In front of the house also has lanterns hanging high of the Chinese. And the architecture style of the Dong Van market was built of stone when the French occupied.

Especially, since 2006, Dong Van district has been held the "Ancient City Night" on the 14th, 15th of the lunar month. So on these occasions, tourists will find in the old town in the red color of the series of red lanterns. A number of national identity activities are organized such as brocade displaying, traditional dishes showing and selling like Hoi An people.
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