The Best Time To Do Motorbike Tours in Vietnam

Best time to do motorbike tours in Vietnam is the top concern of riders who are interested and prepared for a trip of life time in this country. The climate and weather out there are varied and change complicatedly from season to season and depend much on regions and altitudes. This article will give you an overview about the weather and climate in Vietnam to help you determine the best time to organize motorbike tours in Vietnam.

The climate in Vietnam can be divided into three distinct areas, namely the Northern climate; the Southern climate; the Central climate and the South Central climate. The Southern climate covers the Central Highlands and the South. There are two typical seasons in this area: rainy and dry seasons. The temperature is quite stable at high degree from 25 to 38 degrees C. The Northern climate is characterized by tropical monsoon with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter with quite large temperature fluctuations from 10 to 38 degree C. The Central and South Central climate is the interference between the two types of climate in the North and the South, the temperature ranges from 10-38 degrees Celsius.

Northern Climate and Weather: The North area includes 28 provinces and cities. It is the riding paradise to all riders. Here, the spring starts from February to April every year. In the spring, the weather is quite cold, the average temperature is 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. It rains relatively less with little rain, so it is a good time for traveling by motorbike in North of Vietnam.

Summer begins in May and ends in July. In this period, the average temperature is quite high, ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and with heavy rain. Mountainous areas in this period may occur landslide because of floods. This is also the period of regular tornadoes from the East Sea.

Autumn is cooler, begins in August and ends in early October. The average temperature of this season is 20 to 35 degrees. The weather is still influenced by the summer weather with storm and high rainfall.

Autumn and summer are great times for off-road tours in the North of Vietnam because the terrain will change quite much due to the weather. This will be a great time for experienced riders because the difficulty of the routs will increase. Especially, from the middle of September to early October is the season of ripen rice in all terraced fields in the northern mountainous areas, the scenery will be very colorful and fantastic.

Winter begins from mid-October to January next year. The first half of winter from mid-October to mid-December will be the best time of the year for motorbikes because it is dry, cool, has light sunlight and less rain. Riding a motorbike on the passes in the North under the blue sky is a great experience for all riders. In this period, Tam Giac Mach flowers which are well-known as Lavender flowers of Vietnam also have a purple color on the fields in Ha Giang, Lao Cai. The second half of the winter, which lasts from the second half of December to the end of January, will have small but prolonged rain with fairly cold weather, the temperature ranges from 10 to 20 degree C and possibly drop to 5 degree C in the mountainous area.

In conclusion, the most appropriate time for motorbike tours in the North of Vietnam is from February to April and October to December. To the experienced riders, the period from May to September will be so attractive because the difficulty of the trip will increase.

Southern Climate and Weather: The South includes the Central, the South Central and the Central Highlands, generally begins from Hai Van Pass to Ca Mau- the southernmost point of Vietnam, all have the same characteristics in weather and climate. The climate is quite stable with high degrees and is divided into two distinct seasons: dry and rainy season.

The dry season begins from November to April next year with dry weather and no rain. Sometimes, an out of season rain suddenly comes and suddenly stops very fast. The rainy season begins from May to October. During this period, it is easy to have heavy shower with quite high rainfall. The temperature is quite stable with a range of 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. In the South, the best time to travel by motorbike is during the dry season, from November to April.

For the Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours, the best time to organize is from September to December.

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