Enduro Riding Tips For Novice Riders

River Crossing

Running through the streams, underground rivers or along the streams will gives you a special feeling. However, it also contains risk because with the naked eye only, it is difficult to determine the depth of the rivers or streams and obstacles lying under the water surface. So let's keep in mind:

√ The place where you can see spume is the shoal place.

√ The place where the water runs smoothly is the deep place.

√ Keep at the low stroke and ride slowly through the stream.

√ Standing on the foot-pegs to gain the highest balance

√ Follow the way of the previous or local.



Mud Riding

We need to lower the tyre pressure down to 6 to 8 PSI because this allows the tyre to spreed out and grip the muddy slippery surface.

Muddy Conditions: Lower pressure both front and back will provide a larger footprint which will result in better traction and grip. 

Once they have passed through these conditions we will pump the tyres back up to 12 to 15 PSI.

Riding through mud is a cross between ice skating and walking through quicksand. Some types of mud have a greasy top layer with a hard baked surface underneath, while other types can be a bottomless quagmire of gooey mush.

Different types of mud require different riding techniques and equipment. Greasy mud with a hard bottom layer is best suited to narrow tyres to allow them to cut through the top layer to bite the hard surface below. Wide tyres in this situation tend to float on the greasy top layer without reaching the hard surface underneath this is why we let the rear tyre pressure down to allow this to work.

Suspension Bridge Crossing

During our Vietnam motorbike tour, we will ride through a lot of small weak wooden or bamboo suspension bridges which have a sketchy design. Therefore, crossing the bridge is quite dangerous. To ensure your safety, we need to adhere to the following principles before crossing the bridge:

- Check the solidity of the floorboards and stay cables.

- Across the bridge one by one to avoid resonance phenomenon.

- Do not stand on the foot-peg when crossing the bridge

- When crossing the bridge, if the oscillation is big, let's stop the motorbike and put your feet on the ground, hold the handle bar firmly, wait for the bridge stand still to continue crossing the bridge.

Feeling Sleepy

Part of the tour we will run on asphalt road, especially in the afternoon. This makes the rider feel sleepy and this is really dangerous. Therefore, when you feel sleepy, ask your tour leader to stop, you can drink a glass of cold water, smoke cigarettes then continue riding. If this does not make you feel better, continue to ask the group to stop and take a short nap for 10-20 minutes is enough to fully awake for the safe journey ahead.

When you come to us, it means that you are on holiday and usually feel very comfortable. However, please consider of drinking too much at night and staying up late because it will have bad effect on your health and mind the next day.



Getting lost

Please do not much worry when you get lost, please follow these instructions:

+ Turn back to the T-junction or crossroad where you think you got lost from there, or you can even turn back to the nearest stop or the starting point of the whole riders.

+ In case you have a cell-phone with Vietnamese sim card, please ride to the nearest milestone (our side of town-high way) or look at the road name/number (inside of town), call the tour leader/other guides and tell them the information written on it. He will know where you are and ride to your place.

+ In case you have no cell-phone, please ask the local to borrow their phone to call the guide for instruction. All guide phone numbers are listed in the first part of the document. How to borrow the phone from the local will be instructed by the guide on the starting day.

Changing Itinerary

We reserve the right to change the route as conditions prevail to accommodate changes in weather, terrain and physical condition of participants. The tour leader's decision is final.

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