8 Great Experiences You Should Have When Taking Part in Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours

In the eyes of tourists, Vietnam is one of cultural tourism centers in South East Asia. With the border with Cambodia, Laos, China and short airline routes to Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, Vietnam is an ideal destination with a mix of Asian cultures that make you so surprised. Besides, the country is famous for great food you should try at least once.

Here are 8 things you should not miss to experience when taking part in Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tour from the North to the South of the S-shaped country Vietnam.


Do Not Miss Hoi An

Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage which is located on the both sides of Thu Bon River. The interesting ancient town with countless old alleyways is much more than enough for you to explore whole day. It is not only a World Heritage Site but also an interesting place to discover the fascinating, ancient and fascinating enthusiasts in Vietnam.

On the 14th day of the lunar month, local people in Hoi An will turn off all the electric lights to celebrate the Lantern Festival - a festival that when you attend, you will feel like you are coming back to the past. You can join by lighting your own lantern or dropping flowers on the river and watching the light sails flowing along the river.

Hoi An is also a haven for gourmets and a great place to try Vietnamese cooking classes.

Another tip: trying the river day tour or short Vietnam motorbike Tours  here.


Discovering Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels, 40 km northwest from center of Saigon, were used by Vietnamese communists during the war. Resistance forces lived in the tiny underground space beneath the forest floor. The tunnel system is about 250 km length, including clinics, kitchens, storage rooms, working rooms. Discovering these tunnels will give you an extremely enjoyable experience. And do not forget, try the traditional dishes that your guides introduce to you.

Visiting War Sites

Seriously, you should visit Uncle Ho's Mausoleum and War Museum. The War Remnants Museum exhibit a surprising amount of military equipment. Inside the museum, there are many stories about the people affected by the war. The graphics are pretty rough but it helps you understand more about the country Vietnam and its history.


Shopping at the Floating Market

Floating markets are held every morning on the Mekong River, the largest is Cai Rang. The market starts at midnight and ends at noon. Therefore, to visit the market and enjoy the typical flavors, sounds of floating markets, you will have to wake up early. There are a lot of interesting things at the floating market when you are sitting on your own boat to tour around. Visiting this kind of market is one of famous activities when you visit Mekong Delta.



Visiting Halong Bay

Take a boat trip around Ha Long Bay and explore the natural beauty of this UNESCO heritage site. Hidden among majestic rock cliffs are the beaches and secret caves waiting to be explored. Kayaking, snorkeling and swimming in the emerald water or exploring the floating market in the bay is great experience.

The advice we give you is to choose a night cruise on a boat on the bay so you can enjoy all the magic of this place.

Tasting the Flavor of Phuong Bread

Traveling to Hoi An, please do not forget to enjoy Phuong Bread - located in the Hoi An market. This is a bakery that was introduced by Anthony Bourdain in his culinary tourism book. The bread is not too expensive, only about 1 USD but the taste is unique.

You should buy a bread and a can of beer, then bring them to the river to enjoy. For only $2, you have a delicious meal confirmed by a top chef.

Watching Water Puppet Show

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is the unique place for Vietnamese water puppet show. It is extremely interesting to see, hear the stories of history, culture, life and people of Vietnam through the puppet dancing and floating on a large lake surface.

Traditional music performed during the show brings interesting effects. It takes only an hour but you can capture some of the cultural features of this country. Before you explore Ngoc Son Temple with the The Huc Bridge on the Sword Lake, please do not forget to enjoy the show.

To enjoy all the 7 things above, the best way is visiting the destinations on the 2 wheels for the real discovery.

Getting Lost in the Beauty of Sapa

Surrounded by mountains, terraced rice fields and ethnic villages in the mountainous north of Vietnam, Sapa is a bustling town where from here, you can climb to the Hoang Lien Son Range to have the best view of grandiose scenery of the whole region or visit the surrounding area. International visitors are eager to see the terraced fields, waterfalls and have awesome experiences on food and home-stay with local people.

It is no doubt that Sapa is always on the top list of the must visit destination. Here have so many hill tribe villages of different minorities: Black H’mong, Red Dao, Xa Pho, Day…and natural landscapes: Silver waterfall, Love waterfall, Muong Hoa valley…for you to visit and take photos.

Come to Sapa, remember to taste the flavor of the mountain, forest and friendly local through the special aromatic barbecue in the roadside stores in the cold weather.

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