How To Get To Bay Mau Coconut Forest In The Heart Of Hoi An

During the ride with us to Hoi An, Quang Nam, you should at least once try to experience the river in Bay Mau coconut forest. Coming here, you will visit the coconut forest by basket boat in the southwestern style.

How to get to the forest from Hoi An?

The way to Bay Mau coconut forest: From Hoi An ancient town, you can get here by motorbike or boat. If you take a boat, you depart from the pier on Bach Dang Street (right near Hoi An market), the boat will follow the flow of the Hoai River to the East, about 5This forest is a mangrove eco-region which has a rich diversity of plants and animals. The reason this land named Bay Mau coconut forest because in the past, this forest had about 7 hectares of coconut proliferated. To date, the forest has grown to more than 100 hectares but it still retains the name of Bay Mau coconut forest because it is so familiar and dear to the people and tourists when coming to Hoi An.

The distinguishing feature of the coconut forest from the western region river is that here people do not use the means of transportation as common boats, but basket boat to take you to visit this place.


Things to do

Under the control of boatmen, the boats will be slowly moved into the depths of the Bay Mau Coconut Forest. During the trip, the boatman will pick coconut leaves to make funny natural ornaments such as hats, rings, glasses...extremely lovely to visitors.

Visitors can have many interesting activities here like sitting on a basket boat to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, joining interesting folk games, taking beautiful pictures, drinking coconut juice, learning how to make decorations from coconut leaves. Under the guidance of the locals, you will shape the hats or small animals ... This is considered a memorable souvenir after a tour of the coconut forest.


Best time to visit

According to the local, visitors should come here about August lunar month, then you will admire the coconut bushes are in season and enjoy coconut rice sprinkled with delicious sesame seeds. You should avoid going in November and December because the rains can make you trapped in the room and cannot enjoy the journey.

Compared to "The Mekong in Hoi An's Heart", you will really have a very interesting experience for this trip to the Bay Mau Coconut Forest from what nature brings. With friendly people, you will enjoy when watching people show their talents on the basket boat, small but warm souvenirs, understanding more about the homeland, the country, people of Hoi An in particular and Vietnam in general. Let's schedule a Vietnam motorcycle tour to discover Quang Nam immediately!