Ba Phach Village The Peaceful Rustic Paint of A Mountainous Region

Joining motorbike tour Vietnam, you will experience this poetic destination like a true local. Contrast the spacious of Moc Chau plateau to humble little villages of ethnic tribes. Tribe villages and rustic life here, included Ba Phach, are combined in the attractive beauty of the plateau. Ba Phach village is divided into 3 different parts, Ba Phach 1 and 2 belongs to the Thai while the H’Mong people inhabit in Ba Phach 3.



Starting the Journey to the Flower Paradise

Our journey starts from Moc Chau Tea Company, we drove along National Highway 6, then turned right into the opposite branch road. The village is located about 3 km away from Moc Chau town, near the restaurant No.70. We intentionally chose to explore this place in November and December because of the astonished mustard flower season here. And it did not let us down, Moc Chau truly deserves to its name, a paradise of flowers with endless fields. By standing in the middle of the flower field, I was just indulged in nature, the sky, the clouds. Just closing your eyes for few minutes, you can feel the cool breeze of the gentle fragrance of the flowers on your cheek.

It is a thrilling road with sharp bends leading to Ba Phach village. I and my companions drove through numerous steep slopes. During the Vietnam motorcycle tour, we passed a red dirt road running across white mustard fields, then modest brown houses of the H’Mong people which are hidden between the plum forest plum gradually appear.

Reaching to the Top

But the awe-inspiring moment is when you reach the top, look down the valley submerged in greenery of plum and peach trees and adorned by earth-rammed wall houses.  On the other side, the green carpet of Moc Chau Plateau stretches for miles with young trees, some of the cows are grazing grass, etc. This is definitely one of the most exceptional experiences in my life.

The village appearance changes in every season: yellow autumn of wild sunflowers, white winter comes from mustard flowers, the bright red of poinsettia and the spring with brilliant color of peach and plum flowers. All these colors play substantial roles in the whole highland painting. It was lucky for us to have the chance to visit the village in winter and enjoy mustard flower fields.

Just by staying for 1 day, we watched the daily life of people here with horses, buffaloes, cultivation and breeding. The small kids play around in flower fields while the older ones drive to schools on old rusty bikes.

In the dawn, after the last sunlight disappears, the village is covered by dense gray fog. There are only flickering lights and smoke coming from the modest houses in the peaceful mountainous region. It’s the simple beauty of Ba Phach’s people and nature which attracts tourists to stay here.

The End of the Journey

Our journey ends on the next morning. It was so regrettable to leave Ba Phach village and magnificent sightseeing behind. Hope that one day we will discover the valley’s beauty in the spring.

And how about you? Let’s try to have a trip to Ba Phach. And do not forget to bring along your camera, recharge the battery so you can keep fantastic moments in the "paradise of mustard flowers".

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