Discover the Beauty of Landscape and Culture of The Thai People in Ang Village

Ang village is located on the Moc Chau plateau, Son La province which is compared as the dreamy Da Lat of the Northwest. Especially, this land preserves many unique cultural characteristics of the Thai people.

Ang village is as beautiful as a water painting with traditional stilt houses hidden under the green leafy trees. Near the village, there is a natural lake with an area of 5 hectares surrounded by green pine forests planted on brown feralite hills. From the far distance, Moc Chau plateau appears with green tea fields and pastures.

Visiting the village, you will feel the change of weather of full four seasons in a day. Early in the morning, the village sinks in the mist. At noon, the sun is blazing like on summer days. In the afternoon, the sun shines down to the calm lake like in autumn. When the night comes, dew creates a thick cover and strengthens the coldness of winter.

There are so many outdoor activities you can do in Ang village like: going camping in the fantastic pine forests, renting bicycles to visit the surrounding area, walking along the lake, hiring Swan pedal boats to enjoy the fresh air, contemplating the amazing sunset or sunrise, taking wonderful pictures.

Ang village is home to the Thai ethnic group. They live mainly on cultivation, breeding and handicrafting such as brocade weaving and embroidery. Up to now, local people still preserve typical intact cultural identity through traditional pagodas, traditional costumes, traditional folk songs and folk games, specific festivals...

The village attracts visitors by the charm of Thai women's costume, especially Pieu scarf which is created by embroidering only the color threads on the cloth. The colorful threads are combined harmonically. Although Thai girls do not study in any schools in terms of shaping and color mixing but they embroider and decorate the Pieu scarves beautifully and harmoniously.


In Vietnam, you are wrong if think that strawberries are only grown in Dalat. Just only a short distance from the pine forest, a strawberry garden surprisingly appears and stimulates curiosity and excitement in the heart of tourists a lot. The ripe red strawberries are carefully taken care of, bringing the seductive smell, sweet and sour taste.

If you come to the pine forests of the Ang village at the right time of strawberries crop, you will have the opportunity to pick the strawberries by hand and enjoy the cool strawberry ice cream. Pine cones fall over the forest, visitors can comfortably pick up if they like. People around here often take pine cones to make beautiful decoration items. This is one of the unique features of Moc Chau.

Stopping over the roadside tea shop, visitors will enjoy the familiar drinking water of Moc Chau, which is Shan snow tea. According to the introduction of the local people, this is a special type of tea which is picked from the ancient tea trees planted in Moc Chau plateau. Shan snow tea has green water and special bold fragrance.

All year round, local people only make friends with the mountains and forests so they still keep the sincerity, honesty and friendliness. Village people welcome visitors with friendly and open smile. There are no scenes of impolite actions with tourists. Tourists can rent a colorful set of tradional costum of the Thai people including a dress, clothes, a head cap to take photos with very reasonable price of less than 20,000 VND / 1 set. Local people are also willing to choose the most suitable head cap to match with the face of tourist, help tourists to wear dresses, wear a papoose…

When asked, local people are ready to take photos, even guide visitors how to pose to get the best photos.

After exploring the pine forest you will enjoy some local specialties such as: Lam rice, grilled fish, smoked meat, veal dishes, love sticky rice, wild vegetables and Can wine.

In order to develop sustainable tourism associated with preserving and promoting the natural beauty and culture of Moc Chau, Son La province authority has invested and exploited ecotourism and community tourism in some ethnic minority villages including Ang.

In the pine forest area of the Ang village, there are more than 30 Home-stays. This is considered as the highland in the trip to the village. Along with the discovery, witness the beauty of nature, visitors will be pleased to learn about the traditional culture and handicrafts.      

Tourists will be able to see the skillful hands of the beautiful Thai girls weaving so many brilliant products with unique patterns. Taking part in community tourism in Ang village is a chance to meet the native, rustic, hospitable people, to learn the ancient culture preserved in the hundred years old stilt house; to listen to the folk songs, to look at people dancing. There are so many unique festivals held in the special occasion like “New rice” festival, "Het Cha" festival and “Going to the field” festival.

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