Roong Pooc (going to the field) Festival of the Giay People in Sapa

Roong Pooc (going to the field) Festival of the Giay People in Sapa

Joining Vietnam motorbike tours to Sapa, you will find many festivals organized here in which Roong Pooc (going to the field) festival is considered as one of the best unique festivals. The festival is held by the Giay people in Ta Van Commune, Sa Pa District of Lao Cai Province.

Only riding withh us to Sapa on the snake day of the first lunar month, you can witness the whole festival. Although it is the festival of the Giay ethnic group but from the early morning, thousands of people, including the Mong ethnic people in Lao Chai, the Dao from Ho and Phung Hamlets and tourists from Sa Pa Town cheerfully flock to the festival.

Dancing Performance of Giay Women

The Giay hold Roong Pooc festival in order to show people's gratitude towards their guardians. The worshipping rite is conducted at Horse Hour in hope for bumper harvests, peace, prosperity and clement weather coming in the new year.

The festival is held on a flat field at the end of the village. There is a pillar with a circle board on top—one side sticked with a red piece of paper representing the sun, the other side in yellow color representing the moon.  The offerings include cloths, a plate of silver jewellery, boiled eggs which have been dyed red, bamboo shoots, silver and six colorful balls (con) from unmarried girls, symbolizing prosperity. 

The main game in this festival is Con throwing. First, the elderly participants will be divided into 2 groups: men and women and each group will throw the shuttlecocks three times to start the game. After that other villagers will join in the game. The players will try their best to throw the shuttlecocks to pierce the paper on the circle because they believe that it signals a year of good harvests. If you ride Vietnam motorbike tour to Ta Van in this occasion, please try this game. It is not simple at all.

When the game is finished, the 2 young strong men and fat buffaloes will go to the field to plough five lines, signalizing the start of a new crop.

If you want to learn more about this festival, please contact us from now. We will organize your Vietnam motorcycle tours to Ta Van village in this time. Sure, you will have unforgettable time in your life.

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