Jewelry of Hmong People

On Motorbike Tours Vietnam to Sapa and many other destinations in North of Vietnam, you will meet many different ethnic groups, in which the Black H’mong is the major.

Like many other ethnic groups, Hmong women also wear jewelry to express the messages relating to their private lives. Jewelry is also the symbol of status and wealth of the owner. Sometimes, jewelry is used as the weapon to protect the owner from evil spirits and poisonous wind.

After hard days with our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, just walk down to the town, there are many Hmong women want to convince you to buy some jewelry for them.

Traditional jewelry of the Hmong is included of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings… The Hmong keep much of their wealth in the form of silver jewelry. With vivid decorations that are so different from those of the other ethnic groups, jewelry of the Hmong people is very unique and interesting to people who want to discover it. According to black H’mong people’s conception, the bigger earrings the woman wears, the stronger, healthier and more laborious the woman is. Therefore, most of Hmong women wear big earrings, some even wear 2 pair of earrings. Their earrings have different shapes such as question marks, circles, spiral, crescent…On the surface of the jewelry, people carved birds, 5 wing flower and other geometries.

Both Hmong women and men like necklaces very much. Some wear just one necklace, but many other wear 3 to 5 ones. Hmong people have 2 kinds of rings of round section or flat section. If the H’mong person wears the round ring, that means he or she is still single. If the person is got married, he or she will wear 2 rings on 1 finger. Hmong boys and girls all love to ring on index finger of the left hand.

Today, the Hmong jewelry is not only made of silver but also  other materials such as aluminum, alloy medium to lower the cost of products to meet the demand of tourists for souvenirs. So please buy some to wear, that will remind you about the wonderful ride to the beautiful lands.

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