Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is located in Ba Be National Park, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province,  70km from Bac Kan City. The total area of conservation planning is 10,048 ha.


Ba Be Lake is one of the many large and beautiful natural freshwater lakes in the world in the mountain area. The lake was formed on the karst mountain about 10,000 years ago with a long and complex geological history, various types of soil, rock, and unique geological structure. The combination of environment, climate, geology, geomorphology here has made Ba Be Lake become a biodiversity area with tropical evergreen forest ecosystem. Around the lake, there are nearly 1,270 species of vascular plants and 470 species of vertebrate, of which, 81 mammals species, 30 reptiles species, 234 birds species, 18 amphibians species and 107 fish species. According to scientists, there are at least 367 butterfly species and other boneless animals in the Ba Be area.

Ba Be Lake also has many places related to beliefs, legends, cultural activities, archaeological relics, and other natural beauty which are quite well-known like Tien cave, An Ma mound, Ba Goa mound.

The Ba Be Lake area has unique natural beauty which includes three small lakes: Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng which receiving water from two major rivers in the southern source of the lake and pouring into the Nang River in the north. The lake has never been out of water. Water here is always clear and clean.


Ba Be Lake is known as a place of natural beauty and tranquility with outstanding values:

  • Ba Be Lake is a unique karst region with special tectonics, which has beautiful natural and aesthetic qualities, representing the long and complex evolution and development of geology and geomorphology.
  • Ba Be Lake is a natural freshwater lake with a unique formation, located 150 m above the sea level, with an average depth of 17 - 23 m, the deepest is 35 m, containing about 90 million m3 of water. On the lake there are many karst islands, surrounded by evergreen tropical forests on the limestone Mountains.
  • Ba Be Lake also has international importance for biodiversity with many rare species. According to statistics, in Ba Be area, there are 51 species of threatened rare plants, of which 37 species listed in the Vietnam Red List in 1996. Twenty species are listed in the IUCN Red List in 2004 and 51 endemic species of Vietnam. Similarly, the fauna of Ba Be is quite diverse, with 51 species listed in the Vietnam Red List in 2000 and 26 species listed in the IUCN Red List in 2004.
  • Ba Be National Park is an important habitat for endangered species and subspecies, such as the white-cheeked langur, as well as endangered species of amphibians and reptiles at the national level.

There are about 3,000 people living in the Ba Be Lake area. They are the Tay, Dao, H'Mong and Kinh ethnic groups living in 10 villages in the National Park, of which about 58% are the Tay ethnic. 

Just 500 meters from Pe Leng lake, after a day of cruising on the Ba Be lake, visitors can stop and rest in the houses on stilts of the Tay people to live in the warm atmosphere of the people of the village. The houses here are big, large, and airy where you will enjoy the delicious cups of sweet corn cooked by the local, enjoy the special performance of the boys and girls of Pac Ngoi village.

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