Mai Chau

Located in the northwest of Hoa Binh province, 130km from Hanoi, 60km from Hoa Binh town and surrounded by mountains, Mai Chau is home of many ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own identity, customs and habits that contribute to the rich diversity of Vietnamese culture. With the geographical characteristics and cultural traditions available, people in Mai Chau district have been promoting and preserving cultural identity and promoting the potential of tourism to introduce to friends in all over the world the essence of the land.

Traveling to Mai Chau in any season of the year, tourists still feel that the atmosphere is quite fresh because of its favorable position. This is a four-sided valley surrounded by mountains which help protect this land from the typhoon. Therefore, Mai Chau is always the least affected area.Today, Mai Chau is the destination of hundreds of thousand of domestic and foreign tourists each year to immerse themselves in nature and discover the life of the ethnic minority here.


Mai Chau Village

From Hanoi, if you want to get to Mai Chau, please ride along the Thang Long Avenue then turn to Xuan Mai, ride straight to reach the highway to Hoa Binh city. From Hoa Binh city, you will continue traveling about 45 km to Mai Chau town. Mai Chau town is 1.5 km far from Lac village. The total time from Hanoi to Mai Chau town is about 3hours and 30 minutes.

Mai Chau is as beautiful as a picture. Every season has the special beauty. In the spring, Mai Chau is full of colors of white plum blossoms and red peach blossoms. In summer, the scenery here is covered by a lush green of trees, rice fields, and corn. Especially, at the end of the autumn and at the beginning of the winter, Mai Chau pops up with rich beauty, warmth and brilliant yellow ... The terraced fields are in the season of harvest, yellow color covers all over the hillside, intersperses in the simple stilted houses of the ethnic people.

In addition to the lush scenery, Mai Chau has many monuments, scenic spots, cultural and beautiful scenery, including five famous relics recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. They are Khoai cave (Xam Khoe), Chieu cave (Mai Chau town), Nhat cave, Lang cave, Mo Luong cave (Chieng Chau). Besides, Mai Chau is also a place to preserve rich folk art treasures with features of the Thai and Mong ethnic groups through the activities of ancient people in festivals such as "Rain Praying" festival, “Cha Chieng” festival of the Thai ethnic and “Gau Tao” of the H’mong. Mai Chau has many tourist areas such as Lac village, Poom Coong village, Van village…

Mai Chau is a popular destination for tourists visiting because it is the middle point of the North West tour, if anyone want to travel to Northwest, they have to pass here. On the other, Mai Chau is attractive because this place almost preserves quite perfect architectural style of ancient houses, through many ups and downs of history, this land still retains the soul of the Vietnamese and the characteristics of the local people. They create a cultural community sticking together over successive generations, sharing and helping each other.

Mai Chau today has the trust of tourists in and outside the country for that reason, the development and preservation of the house on stilts here is considered by the authorities at all levels to have proper investment.

In addition, Mai Chau cuisine has bold flavor of the forest which leave a lot of impression in the heart of visitors. Indispensable in Mai Chau culture is the Xoe dance and the traditional singing verse. That is why Mai Chau tourist valley will bring visitors relaxation, comfort and natural moments that can not be found anywhere else. Once here, visitors will remember this peaceful land.

Mai Chau has many villages, but tourists often visit the community villages such as Lac (Chieng Chau), Pom Coong village, Van village (Mai Chau town), ecological tourist village (Tram Xom ), Vy (Pieng Ve) village ... This place is known as the center of the Thai and is the place to preserve, promote tangible and intangible cultural values as well as tourism resources...Come to Mai Chau, you have the opportunity to discover and experience a new life characterized by culture and customs of the ethnic minority here.

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