Sin Ho

It is about 60 km west of the town of Lai Chau, along the national highway 4D, Sin Ho is a highland district in the middle of Lai Chau province. The district of Sin Ho has 56,000 inhabitants, including 15 ethnic groups living on an area of 1.746 km². Sin Ho is bordered by Yunnan Province (China) to the North, Phong Tho District to the east, Tua Chua District (Dien Bien Province) to the south and Muong Te District to the west.



According to the local language, "Sin Ho" is the place where many streams meet together. At an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, Sin Ho plateau is like the roof of Lai Chau province. Its climate is quite similar to the town of Sa Pa, all year round in cool conditions that make the town has many flowers, temperate fruits such as plum, peach, pear...

The weather is ideal, cool all year round so Sin Ho does not limit the time for you to visit. You can come here anytime and any season because Sin Ho also has its own attractive attractions.

Sin Ho attracts many beautiful landscapes such as heaven gate, Tien Ong mountain, O Da mountain... Visitors will be amazed at the sight of the rugged mountain peaks or golden valleys which are bright with the terraced fields in the harvest. Travel deeply to the villages of the Hmong and the Dao nestled on the cliff, visitors look like they are getting lost in the fairy world. There are many small wooden houses in the green of the forests.

Sin Ho is more beautiful on the two-day weekend market. The market is opened on Saturday morning, but this time the market mainly attracted indigenous people living around the town, only on Sunday, it is really crowded when the people from the remote villages, from the Mong In the area of Pho Xo Lin, Phu La village, Pu Sam Cap commune, all come to Sin Ho district. They bring many hand-made goods with. The honest faces, the colorful brocade dress, the whisper of buying and selling on the food, the taste of the mountains and forests have formed a picture of vibrant colors.

Beside the potential of ecotourism or resort, visitors to Sin Ho also have the opportunity to participate in physiotherapy treatment with medicines only in this area, enjoy the famous local food with the taste of wildlife like buffalo meat, steamed goat, local pork, stream fish, sticky glutinous rice, Thang Co ... and specialty salmon which have been successfully raised in this land.

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