Thac Ba Lake

Located 140 km west of Hanoi along the Chay River in Yen Binh District and part of Luc Yen District, Thac Ba is an artificial lake constructed in 1962 and completed in 1970. The lake was built to create a reservoir for Thac Ba hydropower plant.

At the time of construction, Thac Ba lake was one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, the water supply for Thac Ba Hydropower Plant - the first hydropower project in Vietnam. In addition to the Chay River, which supplies the main water source, Thac Ba reservoir also receives more water from the large system such as Ngoi Hanh, Ngoi Cat..., increasing the amount of silt and abundant species.



With the total length of 80km, the largest area of 30km, the area of 23,400ha, including 19.050ha of water surface, Thac Ba reservoir has the capacity of 3 - 3.9 billion cubic meters of water, the water level varies from 46 - 58m, it contributes greatly to the improvement and regulation of the environment, reducing the summer temperature from 1 to 2ºC, increasing the absolute humidity in the dry season to 20% and the rainfall of 1,700 - 2,000mm, creating favorable conditions for green vegetation maintenance all year round.

As a vast lake with majestic natural scenery, Thac Ba Lake is compared as a Ha Long Bay on the high mountains of the Northwest. The value of Thac Ba reservoir is that in the reservoir lake, there are 1,334 large and small islands occupying 4,350 ha. The enchanting landscape with the cave system hidden deep in the limestone mountains has turned Thac Ba Lake into a potential ecotourism center.



Chay River with large systems such as Ngoi Hanh, Ngoi Cat...have generously accreted alluvium cultivate the rich villages along the lake. Around Thac Ba lake, there are 13 ethnic groups including Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan ... living on mountain slopes or along the lake. Residents still retain the wild character and unique cultural identity with the traditions, customs and festivals of human values.

Coming to Thac Ba lake, visitors can take a boat trip cruising on the water, enjoy the great nature and feel the fresh air. After the glory of the mountainous island, you can visit Thuy Tien cave, Xuan Long cave, Cao Bien mountain, Chang Re mountain, Thac Ong temple, Thac Ba temple, Sao Pagoda, Dai Cai Temple... which contain special cultural features of the Tay and Dao ethnic groups.



Not only famous for environmental values and scenery, Thac Ba lake also famous for great aquatic resources with thousands of tons of fish and shrimp harvested each year. Visitors will have the opportunity to know the culinary culture of the lake with many delicious dishes but also very delicate ethnic people such as rice, banana flower salad, chicken cooked with sour bamboo shoots or raw fish, shrimps,...The specialties of the lake are processed skillfully from the lake species such as Ba Ba, fried fish, Tam fish ... will give visitors an exciting experience. 

In recent years, the scenery of Thac Ba lake has been considered as an attractive destination, but the tourism exploitation is not commensurate with the potential. Recognizing the fundamental weakness, Yen Bai province is currently constructing Thac Ba lake tourist center with a total planned area of 206 ha, including functional areas such as reception center, entertainment area entertainment, hotel - service - commercial, ecological resort, telecommunication tower and adventure sports ... Hopefully, in the near future, Thac Ba lake will become a worthy destination to tourists who love the natural scenery, charming river between majestic, poetic mountains and forests.

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