Dong Van Karst Plateau

 Located 132km from Ha Giang township along the 4C Road, Dong Van karst plateau is a majestic rocky mountain region in the north of Vietnam. The beautiful scenery in this land is very impressive.

Dong Van Karst plateau or Dong Van Rocky Plateau lies at an average elevation of 1,000-1,600m above the sea level, covering an area of ​​nearly 2,356km² of 4 communes:  Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van districts of Ha Giang province. This is one of the special limestone areas of Vietnam, bearing typical markers of the history of the crust development. Dong Van accounts for up to 80% of limestone formations, which are made up from very different environmental conditions and periods of development.



Due to the difficult and severely divided terrain, the climate of the plateau is temperate and divided into two seasons: the rainy season (from May to October) and the dry season (from November to April). The average annual temperature is about 24-28ºC, with winter temperatures down to -5ºC. Dong Van looks most beautiful in the spring, when the yellow flowers bloom nn all over the mountains, red flowers of peach blossom appear near moss tiled roofs.

From Ha Giang city, take the 4C Highway about 43km to Quan Ba ​​district; continue along this road through the rugged Can Ty pass with forests of pine trees and winding slopes, tourists will reach the districts of Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac to explore the plateau.



Dong Van karst plateau is always beautiful in all months as below:

- January to February: Season of peach, plum and colza flowers.

- March to April: Season of red silk cotton flower.

- April to May: Season of pouring water.

- September to October: Season of golden fields.

- October to November: Season of Tam Giac Mach flowers.



Over 100 km of pass with sharp/dangerous bends and one side is thousands of rugged rocks and one side is deep abyss, the scenic of wild and magnificent Dong Van Karst Plateau appears in blurry clouds make tourists really overwhelmed. Standing on the top of the pass Ma Pi Leng (slope of the dying horse), the Nho Que River is blue as a strip of silk crossing the mountains, making the landscape very virtual and poetic. Dong Van karst plateau is so amazing from high and dangerous houses on the rocky mountains of the Mong people to the terraced fields stretching along the mountain slopes. The beauty of the land is also adorned by the Trinh Tuong houses (houses made from soil), stone fences and colorful ethnic clothing.

On the occasion of village fairs on Sunday (Dong Van market, Meo Vac market ...), visitors can enjoy may special dishes such as Men Men, colorful sticky rice, corn cakes, chicken, dried beef, smoked meat and smoked sausage, corn wine ...

During your Vietnam motorbike tour, riders can buy traditional souvenir products such as brocade, linen, jewelry... in traditional villages, sightseeing places, and markets ... in the plateau.

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