Da Lat

Dalat is a city of Lam Dong province which is located on the Lam Vien plateau in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Da Lat city is 278km from Bien Hoa (Dong Nai), 1.481km from Hanoi, 293km from Ho Chi Minh City, and 205km from Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa).


Over the past 100 years, the name Da Lat has many different understandings and meanings. But today, we will return it to the original meaning: it is the Lach spring, the home of the Lach people and the Lach is a member of the great family of the Vietnamese people.

Dalat  is always a great choice for those who want to escape the heat of summer and immersed in the beauty of not say in words of nature here.

With the climate characteristics of four seasons, the weather is cool and fresh so you can travel at any time. The city often attracts the most tourists in July, August and September (late autumn, early winter) because this is the time Dalat is not only brilliant in color, cool, mild sunshine, no drizzles, but also the hottest time of the year.

Da Lat City is more than 100 years old (discovered in 1893), becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourists, a long-standing resort city in Vietnam.

Da Lat is famous for its lakes, waterfalls and pine forests. The beautiful lakes in Da Lat are Xuan Huong Lake, Than Tho Lake, Da Thien Lake, Van Kiep Lake, Me Linh Lake. These lakes are located in the city, their names are as the poetic as the lake beauty. Each lake is associated with an ancient legend.

Tourist when visiting Da Lat can enjoy many Dalat specialties including many kinds of fruits: pink, plum, peach, avocado and many unique ethnic dishes and souvenirs of the Dalat region.

The beauty of Dalat is also highly praised and attract tourists by thousands of flowers, especially orchids which taken from many places such as France, England , The Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Italy,... roses, immortal flowers, azaleas,...

Da Lat community is a unique integration of the many ethnic peoples from the North, Central and South. There are more than 20 ethnic groups in the province, most of them is the Kinh, followed by M'Nong, Ma, Co Ho ... The people in Da Lat and Di Linh area grow vegetables and flowers to provide for the southern provinces.

Dalat contains the identity of Tay Nguyen culture which is as beautiful as the legendary. The peaceful people live on farming, gardening, coffee, tea, cattle breeding ... On the festival days of the village, the happy family day, visitors will see the local dancing, singing, playing music with unique musical instruments. Beautiful nature has created the gentle, elegant and hospitable Da Lat people.

Due to the favorable climate and great creativity of people, Dalat has so many famous tourist destinations that no other place in Vietnam can match with such as: Love Valley, Golden Valley, Mong Mo Hill, Xuan Huong Lake, Than Tho Lake, Tuyen Lam lake, Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Monastery, City Garden, Datanla Waterfall, Prenn Waterfall, LangBiang Mountain, Voi Waterfall…

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