Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is a small mountain town in the west of Yen Bai Province, about 300 km from Hanoi. Traveling to Mu Cang Chai, visitors will be immersed in the golden color of the sun and the rice. It is no need to go deeply into each small Hmong village but even on the highway, visitors can also contemplate the "golden sea" of rice with beautiful fragrance. Mu Cang Chai district has 2,200 hectares of terraced fields, of which 500 hectares are in La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh which have been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as one of the most unique scenic spots in Vietnam and also ranked as the national monument.


The district does not have a big river but only dozens of ravine streams originating from the Hoang Lien Son range which form a thick stream system of dozens of kilometers. There are only two seasons: dry and rainy seasons, very cool in summer and cold in winter. Mu Cang Chai has up to 6 months of dry season and winter is too cold that it is almost impossible to plant any crops.

Mu Cang Chai has a long history and rich in cultural tradition with nearly 90% of population is the Mong people, the rest are Thai, and Kinh. Mong people usually reside on high slopes of 800 to 1,700 meters, with much experience in terracing and maintaining traditional handicrafts such as forging and casting, weaving with linen, making of jewelry ... The cultivation of terraced fields of the Mong people in La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Su Phinh have turned the name Mu Cang Chai (meaning dry tree village) into a hill of green fields with full of vitality. The harvest in Mu Cang Chai often falls in the autumn, around September to October.


Terraced fields are found in many places in the North West and Northeast of Vietnam. They are used for upland cultivation, and are also a good way of keeping water supplying to the fields efficiently. The terraces in Mu Cang Chai attract many tourists as well as photographers because of its unmistakable beauty. It is a cultural heritage created by indigenous peoples over generations. During the Vietnam motorbike tours through Mu Cang Chai, you can see terraced fields everywhere across the hills. The topography of this mountain is divided by streams, abysses and pine forests.

Every year, in September, the local people held the terraced rice field festival. Participating in Mu Cang Chai terraces, besides contemplating the glorious golden season, you can participate in many other unique activities of the upland area.

Time from May to June is the season of pouring water, when the summer rain begin to pour water down the mountains, water is taken from the mountains then run into the terraced fields. Water spills into the fields making the arid soil softer and hatched so that the rice can be transplanted. This is also the time when farmers start plowing to prepare for a new crop. Therefore, in the mountainous terraced fields in the north, rice can be only grown one crop.

The famous website When On Earth said, "This is the most subtle beauty, and perhaps unique than anywhere in the world." If Mu Cang Chai is one of must-see place in your holiday, please choose a sample in Vietnam motorcycle tours list or just let us know to your taste to design an adapted tour program.

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